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Welcome to the Goat Jam Session

December - TBC
January - 27th
February - 24th

**Please note** We will have Covid safety measures in place but if possible please bring your own mic


Jam sessions aim to promote all types of music and musicians of any type and level. Whether you're a solo artist or in a band, all are welcome 


If you do require a backing band, our house band are

extremely talented and are able to learn new songs very

quickly if necessary.  To make sure you get a spot, get to

the Goat early to get your name on the board! 

The house band consists of :

David Groom        


Deano Rice              


Scott Thomas


Dayle Shaw

Bass and sound technician

So! Whatever style whether it be blues, rock, soul, jazz, or acoustic come on down to our next Jam session at The Goat!

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